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Our Commitment to Staffing Solutions and Clinical excellence

We will endeavour to….


Clients Needs First

Always put the needs of our clients first

Provide Cover

Cover your facility

Flexibility for Clients

Supplement our clients when they require flexibility and varying work schedules

Staff Dignity

Treat our staff with dignity and respect.

Assignments Filled

Recognise that every assignment is special and will ensure that it is appropriately filled.

Clients Expectations

Ensure that our staff have fully understood the client’s establishment needs, expectations and conduct at work.
Ultimate Healthcare Specialists Ltd is about professional and corporate approaches. The company has its roots from nursing professionals who thrive on change management based on improved quality care benchmarks. These are professionals who sustain a clear pathway on professional development, compliance, total care management and practice. We provide skilled temporary Nurses, Care Assistants and Support Workers to cover short-term sickness, annual leave, one-to-one/specialised care, establishment vacancies and any other long-term work requirements.